LAWBREAKERS: Battle Medic – “Heal me!”

LAWBREAKERS: Battle Medic – "Heal me!"

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  • A grenade launcher (called Lobber) with two fire modes: Normal and Ricochet
  • A burst fire pistol (called Firefly) as a backup


  • Two “support drones” that can heal two friendly players for a short amount of time
  • A “hoverpack” to hover above the ground of fly upwards (rather slowly)Battle Medic Tokki Cutout (LawBreakers Wallpaper)
  • Ultimate: A “defense grid” that heals and blocks bullets from inside and outside


  • Currently the only healer/support class
  • Supports teammates by keeping them in the action longer
  • Grenade launcher allows for indirect attacks to stay away from direct battle
  • Very useful when used directly on objective points outside of low gravity area


  • Dies quickly when left alone by teammates (never leave the medic alone…)
  • Hovering is one of the slower means to travel compared to other characters
  • Defense grid usage is very limited to specific defensive situations

My Experiences

  • Adds a layer of teamplay on top of the game
  • Has to use backup gun when in in mid air to reliably hit enemies
  • Especially fun when used in groups of friends
  • Less aggressive play style for supportive players
  • The character is fun to play, when you get into the right mindset of not being the front line soldier to solely deal a lot of damage

Tutorial: Battle Medic Rapid Dev Tutorial
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