LAWBREAKERS: Gunslinger – Western Hero of the Future

LAWBREAKERS: Gunslinger – Western Hero of the Future

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  • One burst fire pistol in the one hand
  • Another hard-hitting chargeable pistol in the other hand


  • A throwable knife that highlights enemy players in a small radius
  • Three dashes, either forward, to the side or upwards
  • Ultimate: Both pistols start shooting fully automatic until ultimate ends


  • Currently the only sniper-like class
  • Extremely dangerous in skilled hands (headshots)
  • Dash upwards extremely good to avoid assassins
  • Especially fun in low gravity areas


  • Dies quickly in close quarter combat or in normal gravity area
  • Hard to play for unskilled players
  • Throwing knife is sometimes really useless


My Experience

  • It took quite some adjusting of play style to be good with the gunslinger
  • Extremely fun and effective in open low gravity areas
  • Not always easy to play the objective, especially defending the battery
  • Very satisfying when landing headshots across the map
  • Wasting the ultimate is rather easy and annoying