Where do you live?
I am currently living in Bavaria, Germany.
Why is there no webcam in your videos?
I value my partial anonymity very highly and I want to protect myself from superficiality. Also I don’t think that a webcam would improve my videos in any kind.
Do you have a private Facebook/Twitter/Google+ etc.?
Of course, I am using a couple of social networks privately, but that also means it excludes people who just know about my channel, but I don’t know them. Any requests on private profiles will be ignored. But there are a lot of public profiles that are open for you to contact me.
How can I play with you?
Visit my Discord Server or use one of the many contact methods I mention in the website or in the video description on every video.
Which software do you use for recording your videos?
Usually I am using Nvidia Shadowplay and Dxtory or OBS as a backup.
Which software do you use for cutting/rendering your videos?
I am currently using Magix Video Deluxe 2017. The reasons for using it are simple: My first proper cutting tool after Window Move Maker was Magix Video Deluxe 2007 and since then I am still happy with the brand and I know how to use it – I sticked with it.
Which microphone do you use?

In August 2015 I switched from the FAME CU2 to the Auna MIC 900BG (both USB), since the first microphone caused multiple driver issues. Both microphones were inexpensive and good value. I am very happy with the new microphone!

What parts do you have in your pc?
Take a look at my PC Setup overview.
What are your favourite games?
My list of favourite games usually changes quite a lot over time – especially with singleplayer games. That means I would have to rewrite this section regularly. You can see the currently played games on my Steam Page.
What is your main game genre you play?
I spend most of my time in First-Person-Shooters and Third-Person-Shooters. I am also very interested in trying out a lot of new genres from time to time, even though I still return to FPS’s very often.
How did you decide your nickname to be Videaprojaekt?
The origin of my nickname is pretty easy to explain. While searching for a name for my follow-up channel, I was constantly thinking about “Videoprojekt” (Videoproject) and after a couple of steps I decided on “Videaprojaekt” – and I kind of sticked with it.
When did you start with Youtube and when did you start being an active Youtuber?

My first Youtube channel was created on 2009-02-05.My first video went online on 2009-08-02 and my last video went online on 2009-09-26. I created my new channel on the same day, while already providing a new video on it.

I started being more active in 2012, since I stopped doing anything for multiple months before. In 2013 I started using a uploadplan and a fixed working schedule (that I removed later on). Until today I am uploading my videos pretty sporadically.

When will there be new videos?
My standard uploading time is at 18:00 MEZ. I am usually uploading my videos between monday and friday. But I have to openly say that there will be multiple weeks  or months without any videos.
Where can I see when a new video gets published?
The easiest way to find my videos is in the Youtube-Feed. Since the Youtube Feed sometimes fails to show all videos I also have this website. You can also check my social media profiles in the left side menu.