Get to know me… with Movies!

I have seen multiple people talk about their favorite movies before, but I have never thought about making a tweet or post about my own favorite movies. After Tibor (@t_berium) had tweeted a lot of knowledge about his favorite movies and actors, I decided to do the same, but use a more convenient platform for long content. The website is usually meant for gaming content, but maybe this sort of content helps with getting to know me a bit more or at least somebody finds a new great movie.

My favorite action comedy that made me laugh like a little kid

Machete Kills by Robert Rodriguez from 2013

As long as I can remember, Crank has been the go-to action-comedy movie that I get out whenever I want to feel good. Everything changed when I finally decided to watch the sequel to Machete, which was in itself a very enjoyable movie. But the sequel to that movie went completely haywire, that it seems impossible to describe this movie. It is a crazy combination of interesting characters played by a surprising cast of actors with a deranged story intertwined with slapstick, dark humor and quite some gore. Clear your mind of any sense of disbelief, gather your friends, set aside some bottles of beer and prepare yourself for the most entertaining trash movie, that I have seen in my life. This movie is a niche product and many might be put off by trash factor of the movie, but if you have the chance, give it a try.

A movie that had a lasting impression on me

Crank by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor from 2006

While the movie itself might not be for everyone and I can certainly see some people disregarding this movie as trash. But there is no denying the fact, that there are a lot of laughs to be had and quite a bit of well-executed action. Watching this movie multiple times with friends has been a bonding experience for me. Jason Statham nailed his performance as a badass killer while also delivering laugh inducing jokes. It’s also probably the first film, that got me hooked on action movies with Jason Statham, an actor that is still a selling point for every movie with his name on it.
An honorable mention goes out to Zombieland.

Favorite Actress

Ronda Rousey (The Expendables 3, Fast and Furious 7)

I was thinking about this question for quite a bit before picking Ronda Rousey. While she is best known for her MMA fighting skills, there is a lot to like about her appearances in movies. There are a lot of actresses out there that look and behave like a model, but barely any that can deliver some serious hand-made action scenes quite like Ronda. Many might argue that she isn’t a real actress and lacks the skills to properly portray a wide array of characters, but not every actor or actress specializes in that field. Many actors thrive in other areas like action, e.g. Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In my opinion, having more badass women like Ronda in the movie market can just be good for variety.
An honorable mention goes out to Michelle Rodriguez.

A movie that’s so bad yet so good

Shoot’em’up by Michael Davis from 2007

If you have read this up until now, you might know, that I love the action genre, specifically the over the top and sometimes trashy movies. This movie with Clive Owen shows some similarities with the aforementioned movie Crank. It’s crazy, unrealistic and over the top in every way. But it’s also very entertaining and got quite a few laughs out of me in the process. In the end, it’s just an action film like many others, but with a hateable yet likable main character and a villain with a certain touch. The characters are very much overdrawn and extreme in their behaviors, but that is part of their charm.
And honorable mention goes out to Filth.

A movie that made me walk out of the cinema a blubbering mess

The Wolf of Wall Street by Martin Scorsese from 2013

I have seen this movie at the cinema three times. Yes, I am that one guy, that liked a move so much, that he spent a ton of money to see the movie multiple times instead of waiting for the DVD or Streaming release. The first time I came out of the movie, I was completely speechless and couldn’t comprehend what Martin Scorsese created here. The performance by Leonardo Di Caprio was probably one of the best I have ever seen. There is a lot to unwrap about the story and the characters here. I was definitely surprised in every single way when I went to see this movie. I always loved deeply flawed characters and this movie definitely makes a deep dive into what happens, when these people gain too much money.
An honorable mention goes out to The Expendables 2.

Favorite director(s)

David Leitch (John Wick, Deadpool 2, Hobbs & Shaw)

The first time I saw John Wick, I knew that something was different about this movie. Everything felt just a little bit more brutal, more real and it wasn’t gore or blood, but the choreography and camera work. Instead of cutting the movie into unwatchable pieces, the camera just keeps on rolling for most of the time, while Keanu Reeves executes his action moves. The way of movie making isn’t very surprising when looking at his background as a stunt man. If you have seen both Deadpool movies, then you will know, that the second movie definitely has Davids hand print all over it, since everything is more hand made and raw. I am very excited for what he can do with the Fast and Furious Spinoff called Hobbs & Shaw (Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham) since I pretty much enjoyed all of the movies in that series but always wanted a little bit more hand made scenes.
An honorable mention goes out to Sylvester Stallone.

Martin Scorsese (The Wolf of Wall Street, Goodfellas, Taxi Driver)

While I do love my action movies, there are other movies out there, that definitely grab my attention. Marin Scorsese has a very special way of making his movies, that just seems to resonate very well with a lot of people including me. Just thinking about Goodfellas makes me want to watch that movie again. While many films have very talented actors (Robert De Niro, Leonardo Di Caprio), only a few directors use them as efficiently as he does.
An honorable mention goes out to Quentin Tarantino.

Favorite actor

Jason Statham (Hobbs & Shaw, The Expendables 3, Crank)

I don’t think there is any other actor I could name here, that gets me to watch a movie more than Jason Statham. And again, I know there are better character actors or more impressive action stars like Dwayne Johnson, but I can watch pretty much any movie with Jason multiple times without getting burnt out on them. From what I read online he seems to be a down to earth guy in his personal life and is a dear friend to Sylvester Stallone, which both make him even more interesting to me. The eagerness to do his own stunts and the way he plays his characters is outstanding to me. And I get it, that many might disagree with me here, but for me, he is the great new hope for the action genre, since he has the “special something”, that the old stars have.
And honorable mention goes out to Sylvester Stallone, Keanu Reeves, and Robert De Niro.

A movie that is important to me

Evil Dead 2 by Sam Raimi from 1987

I have always been in the camp of people that have a very specific kind of humor and hardly laugh at things that others consider funny. One of the movies that hit me with full force was Evil Dead 2 and the follow-up movie Army of Darkness. While the first movie was a horror film, the two sequels were more comedic and filled with dark humor. Instead of trying to hide that the move was made with a very limited budget, Raimi embraced the idea and got some laughs out of it. This movie also opened my eyes to actors like Bruce Campbell, who was last seen in the Raimi Spiderman movies or the Ash vs Evil Dead series. It is sometimes hard to pinpoint your own humor when growing up, but this franchise definitely helped me out a lot.
An honorable mention goes out to From Dusk Till Dawn.

A movie that never gets old

Gamer by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor from 2009

Let me start by saying, that this movie isn’t great which is shown by the pretty low Rotten Tomatoes score of below 30%/40% respectively. But that didn’t keep me from watching this movie countless times. The movie has a bazillion cuts per second and can be nauseating at times. But the premise of the movie, having a prisoner as a game character that is controlled by some kid on his computer is something new. The amount of gore, action, story and the occasional nudity make a round mix. The villain, portrayed by Michael C. Hall (Dexter) has a certain way of insanity, that makes rooting for the main guy, Cable, even easier.
An honorable mention goes out to Crank and John Wick.

A movie that shocked me

Filth by Jon S. Baird from 2013

When people talk about the movie Trainspotting, you already know what you are getting into. I like the performances by James McAvoy, so went into this movie blind and what I got was not like anything I have ever experienced before. It was wild, rude, dark and Scottish – let me tell you, that watching this movie in English as a non-native speaker is a hell of a trip. This movie isn’t for everybody, but for all the people that loved Trainspotting, this movie might fit right into your comfort zone. It is also loosely connected to the Trainspotting universe.
An honorable mention goes out to Evil Dead 2.

Favorite story-driven movie

Goodfellas by Martin Scorsese from 1990

The first time I saw Scarface, my love for crime and mafia movies grew strongly. I’ve seen all seasons of Sopranos and enjoyed quite a number of other movies in the same genre, but nothing ever beat Goodfellas. The story of a man rising in the mafia until his own success and character traits ruin him is quite similar to Scarface yet so different. The pacing of Scarface sometimes slowed down to a crawl, while the performances of Ray Liotta and Robert De Niro never really slowed down, while the plot was perfectly paced.
An honorable mention goes out to Scarface and Taxi Driver.

The movie with my favorite action sequences

The Raid 2 by Gareth Evans from 2014

If you expect a profound story or excellent acting, then you have the wrong movie. What I love about both Raid movies and the John Wick series is the dedication to keep the camera rolling. There have been moments in The Raid 2 where I thought the camera would be smashed by a baseball bat during an action sequence. There are two very special action sequences in this movie, that I want to point out. One is a hallway fight that goes on for multiple minutes with only a few cuts in between. The choreography is massive and the training for it was long, especially since the camera is so close to the fight that it had to dodge some hits. Another scene takes place inside a car with the camera moving through the windows from the one side and out of the window on the other side without a cut in the scene. This dedication to practical effects and “less is more” approach when it comes to cuts is to praise.
An honorable mention goes out to John Wick and John Wick Chapter 2.

My favorite psychological horror movie

10 Cloverfield Lane by Dan Trachtenberg from 2016

While I was never a fan of horror movies that include a lot of blood and gore apart from the comedic ones like Evil Dead 2, there has always been that itch to get the creeps by watching a psychological horror movie. These movies often rely on characters, their traits, behavior, and motivations to create a feeling of unease in the viewer. Only a few movies do this right without relying on absolutely stupid plot twists, annoying jump scares or horror movie tropes. One movie that does a great job utilizing the excellent John Goodman is 10 Cloverfield Lane. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking that it’s a direct sequel to Cloverfield, which was a good movie in its own right, because this sort-of sequel is way better. What would you do when you are trapped inside a bunker with people don’t know if they are trustworthy?
An honorable mention goes out to The Shining and Get Out.

My favorite use of soundtrack in a movie

Baby Driver by Edgar Wright in 2017

When I watched a video about the use of music in The Guardians of the Galaxy, I first noticed how important that aspect of movies can be. One movie that makes it clear, that incorporating music as a core element into a movie elevates the whole experience is Baby Driver. The first few trailers for the movie didn’t grab me since I was more a fan of mature action starts than a teenager driving gangsters around, but after some recommendations by friends, I watched the movie anyway. And I was surprised by the idea of not just adding music to the movie, but having it be a core element, that other characters comment on during the movie. The best thing, that the rest of the movie is also great. How often have there been movies with great ideas, that fell apart in the other departments? While this movie might not be one of my favorite movies overall, the use of music open my eyes or rather ears to the world of movie soundtracks.
An honorable mention goes out to Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool.

There are many other movies, that are worth mentioning here, but I won’t list them here for the sake of brevity. In general, I am always interested in well made (sometimes comedic) action movies like The Expendables, psychological horror movies like 10 Cloverfield Lane or sometimes just some trashy b-movies like Death Race or Crank, while other genres have work harder to gain my interest.