LAWBREAKERS: Juggernaut – “Use Blade with Face!”

LAWBREAKERS: Juggernaut – "Use Blade with Face!"

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  • The Juggernaut wields shotgun (called Instigator) equipped with an impaler blade
Instigator with Impaler Blade Concept Art by BossKey



  • Can spawn a wall (called Holo Deflector) that blocks bullets and blocks the enemies route
  • A very long charge, that allows for higher jumps and faster sprints
  • Ultimate: Armor Protocol increases defense and fire rate


  • Holo Deflector and Charge are most effective when used on the ground
  • Hard to survive in Zero G, due to the lack of mobility (, since Charge slams the character down to the ground) and due to the size of  the character
  • Mainly limited to defending, especially in Blitzball (lack of zero g mobility)


  • Great to defend against/annoy players in Blitzball
  • Shotgun and impaler blade are devastating in CQC
  • Holo Deflector wall and Armor Protocol make him of the hardest characters to kill
  • Longest sprint in the game, which is great to get around the map in normal gravitiy areas

My Experiences

  • Extremely fun in Blitzball, when using the Holo Deflector to block enemy routes
  • Very careful and defensive playstyle; differentiates itself very well from other characters
  • Feels very mobile in normal g zones, since charge has a lot of fuel
  • My overall performance with the Juggernaut is best when used when defending in normal gravity areas
  • Replaced the role of the Titan as a defender, allowing the titan to be a lot more aggressive