“shutdown -r” – End of this Life Chapter

I started my YouTube channel about 10 years ago as a gateway for my creativity and love for gaming. Many years later I expanded my love for tech and software by tinkering with different website solutions, which resulted in the WordPress page you are currently looking at. I’ve been posting and updating the website for quite some time until, at some point, any interesting in written articles vanished.

Some of you might still remember that my old content, which is now unlisted – was in German and was mostly of mediocre quality. Even more have seen, that after the switch to English, the amount of content produced dropped extremely. The amount of free time and motivation to create videos was close to zero. Many other things have taken the place of countless hours of gaming.

I love making these “Why You Should Play” videos to persuade some people to give a certain game a second look, but many of the games I play are just not good enough to reach the “video milestone” and can’t motivate me enough. I am still planning on releasing videos, but they will be few and far between, focusing on positivity and encouraging players.

Now to the “End” part of the story. With my life switching into a faster gear, there are some things that I just don’t have the time for anymore. And one of the things, that is currently using time and money right now is this website. So with this post, I announce, that this website www.videaprojaekt.com will go offline on November 6, 2019. The domain itself will be removed about ten days later, which removes all subdomains and links including this domain.

This is the end of a Life Chapter for me as I always had the idea of continuing this website and YouTube channel as a big creative output. Things have changed and I will focus more on my professional work and not see YouTube as a necessity anymore. I had times, where I was mad about myself not releasing any videos. Starting today, this will end and all new videos on the YouTube channel will be heart projects.

There have been thoughts about completely demolishing the name “Videaprojaekt”, but it honestly still feels right to me – I just plain like it. I will still be there on most platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Discord. If I am honest with myself, then I saw all this as more than just a hobby (for some stupid reason), which will end now. The content producer will vanish, while the Videaprojaekt persona will stay alive – mostly on Twitter probably 😉

My life has changed. The internet has changed. I have changed. This chapter ends now and a new one begins! Wish me luck!