Why you should play LAWBREAKERS!

Why you should play LAWBREAKERS! (PC, PS4)

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♦ Game: LawBreakers
♦ Release-date: August 8th 2017
♦ Developer: Boss Key Productions
♦ Publisher: Nexon America
♦ Platform: PC, PS4
♦ Steam Link: //store.steampowered.com/app/350280/
♦ Homepage: //lawbreakers.nexon.net

About the game

  • 5 v 5 competitive arena/hero FPS set in a dystopian future
  • Humanity blew up the moon and partially destroyed gravity on planet earth
  • Play one of 9 different character classes with different styled of movement, weaponry and abilities:
Nine characters per side with equal loadout and equipment
  • Play one of 5 well known game modes with a special twist:
The currently available objective gamemodes (Team Deathmatch excluded)
  • Maps feature a Low Gravity Area that allows for verticality and mobility (shoot your weapon backwards to accelerate)
  • All game modes are 5 vs 5 (Law vs Breakers) with symmetrical maps
Nine symmetrical currently available maps
  • Core mechanics revolve around movement, aiming and timing abilities


  • Lack of proper tutorials to introduce new players into the zero gravity mechanic (mainly tutorial videos and a short sandbox)
  • Player Base is smaller than most might like, but matchmaking works pretty well at time of publishing this article
  • Some players will have issues finding games depending on location (Europe and US East are fine)
  • Very steep learning curve for FPS beginners
  • Characters are not as distinct and unique as they could be


  • Every character has a extreme amount of depth in gameplay and allows players to improve their playstyle
  • Movement, gunplay and the overall feeling are top tier
  • Rewards players that really want to master their character and playstyle
  • Extremely fair and fast netcode (Battle(non)sense Netcode Analysis)
  • Clean and simple art style that intuitively guides the player
  • Having symmetrical maps allows for balanced fights
  • Well known game modes with a special twist by BossKey
  • All future content like characters and maps will be free including balancing changes and bug fixes including Character 10
Q4 2017 Roadmap of free content (including maps, ranked, character 10 and more)
  • Additional Skirmishes that add experiences like Team Deathmatch


  • LawBreakers is hard to get into, but it rewards players for learning every single character to excel at combat
  • The game respects your time and skill and wants you to take the challenge
  • Every player coming from an Unreal Tournament or Quake background will find familiar mechanics
  • LawBreakers offers a grittier, darker and more mature take on an hero-arena shooter
  • It all depends on your preferences:
    • Dark, Mature vs. Cartoonish, Exaggerated
    • Movement, Aiming vs. Abilities, Team Composition
    • Arena Shooter vs. Hero Shooter
  • LawBreakers is a game that you can sink your teeth into, to set yourself up to a challenge and become a total badass in the long run