Why you should play Rainbow Six Siege! (PC)

Basic game facts
  • Game: Rainbow Six: Siege
  • Release-date: December 1st 2015
  • Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBONE
  • Needed programs: Uplay
  • Homepage: //rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege

About the game

  • 5 v 5 tactical FPS with a focus on competitive teamplay, mainly PvP with some PvE content
  • Based on the Jack Ryan-Universe books by Tom Clancy and a sort-of continuation of the predecessor games without a real singleplay or narrative
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six (Operation Rainbow)
  • Currently 40 Operators divided into 20 Defenders and 20 Attackers (Year 3 Season 3)
  • 20 Base Operators (free) + 8 Year 1 Operators + 8 Year 2 Operators + 6 Year 3 Operators + 2 releasing at the end of 2018
Operator Overview (Source)
  • Every Operator fills a specific role in the team in terms of weaponry, gadgets and playstyle
  • Well known and proven gamemodes
    • Bomb – Defuse one of two bombs
    • Secure Area – Occupy a room and keep it clear of enemies
    • Hostage – Escort the hostage outside of the building
  • A total of 18+ different maps with the ability to reinforce, destruct and shoot through walls, windows and floors
Map Overview (Source)


  • There are several different versions of the game to buy:
    • Starter Edition: 15€ – Only includes a limited number of base operators (Not recommended)
    • Standard Edition: 40€ – Includes base operators, no extras (Recommended)
    • Advanced Edition: 50€ – Includes cosmetics and R6 credits (Indifferent)
    • Gold Edition: 80€ – Includes cosmetics, R6 credits, Year 3 season pass (Not recommended)
    • Complete Edition: 120€ – Includes cosmetics, R6 credits, all operators passes (Not recommended)
Siege versions and prices (Source)
  • Downloadable Content:
    • Year 1 Operators Pass: 20€ – Includes 8 operators
    • Year 2 Operators Pass: 20€ – Includes 8 operators
    • Year 3 Season Pass: 30€ – Includes 8 operators (released every 3 months), cosmetics, boosts
    • Various cosmetic packs: 3€ – 20€
  • Currencies:
    • Renown – Gained by finishing matches or by completing daily/weekly challenges
    • R6 Credits – Can be bought with real money or included in season passes
  • Microtransactions:
    • Operators with Renown and R6 Credits
    • Cosmetics with Renown and R6 Credits (apart from cosmetic pack items)
  • Notable exceptions:
    • Base operators completely free since Year 3 Season 1 (Standard Edition or higher)
    • Weapon attachments completely free since the beginning of 2018
    • Renown only Alpha Packs with random cosmetics
    • Outbreak, Summer Splash and other event packs for real money only


  • Overall gameplay mechanics like movement, leaning and shooting feel spot on
  • Focus on strategy and tactics in combination with pure skill of aiming and reaction times
  • Very good performance and consistent framerates, frametimes and many tweakable options (PC Setup)
  • Awesome visuals apart from some faces, especially eyes (mostly fixed)
  • Extreme depth in strategy while keeping the fundamentals and mechanics easy
  • A core shooter with a touch of variety through weapon choice and gadgets
  • Variety of well balanced and carefully designed maps (Oregon, Border, Bank, Villa, …)
Siege map: Villa (introduced during Operation Para Bellum)
  • Interaction with the environment like destruction and reinforcements of walls, doors and windows
  • Continued updates
  • Naturally growing eSports scene and Pro League
Siege map: Border (introduced during Operation Dust Line)


  • Some seasons release with a variety of issues
    • Imbalanced operators (Ela, Lion)
    • Exploitable glitches (various shield glitches)
  • Toxicity in the community – Has been counteracted by multiple updates in 2018
    • Hate, racism and trolling
    • Teamkilling and Teamattacking
    • Hackers and people being boosted
  • Some maps in the casual map pool have big balancing and design flaws (Yacht)
Siege map: Yacht (introduces during Operation Black Ice)
  • Meta changes from environmental gadgets to global abilities affecting all players
  • Continuous server outages, hitbox and latency issues (fixed during 2018)
  • Monetization


Steam charts of Siege by SteamDB
  • Takes time and dedication to learn the maps, the operators and strategies (Late buyer)
  • Can feel very chaotic at times
  • After some ramp-up time it can be extremely rewarding and satisfying (no hard skill cap)
  • Great for playing in teams of up to 5 players (or 10 for private matches)
  • Currently one of my favourite competitive shooter on the market
Siege wallpaper